Acrylic vs Glass

Which is better: acrylic or glass? While these two materials are similar in many ways, each offers differences that give them advantages in different settings. For example, while glass might be a better option for picture frames, acrylic is a more suitable material for making clear furniture. As such, we wanted to spend some time comparing the advantages and downsides of these two common materials!

Acrylic Fabrication is proud to offer a variety of acrylic coffee tables and end tables to those seeking quality and clear furniture. Our furniture has less visual density, making any space look larger. You can also combine our acrylic products with old pieces to give a room an eclectic look. If you're interested in our acrylic furniture, we ship our products within one day! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about acrylic.

The Differences Between Acrylic and Glass

On the surface, glass and quality acrylic look identical. They're both "water white" materials that are used interchangeably in a variety of settings. But there are some important differences between these materials:

  • Durability: As far as durability goes, acrylic is the clear winner. While it might be more susceptible to scratching, it's much harder to crack or shatter.
  • Weight: Glass is denser and thus heavier than acrylic. A glass product can weigh anywhere from 4 to 10 times as much as an acrylic product of the same volume.
  • Shape: Acrylic is far easier to mold and shape than glass. While glass has some room for molding and shaping, it's ultimately more brittle than acrylic.
  • Scratching: One advantage that glass maintains over acrylic is that it's much harder to scratch. Acrylic scratches quite easily, with much less necessary force. But when glass is scratched, it's also much harder to repair. Acrylic scratches can be buffed out with relative ease.

When is Acrylic a Better Option Than Glass?

Based on the above comparisons, there are some areas where acrylic is advantageous compared to glass. When it comes to clear furniture, acrylic is the best option. Acrylic is lighter, more durable, and capable of shaping and forming in ways that glass cannot. Many maintain that, despite its ability to scratch, acrylic is also the better option for aquarium tanks. When it comes to windows and picture frames, glass might ultimately look sharper, but acrylic wins when it comes to durability, like shipping framed photos.  

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